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What is it about Minds eye Video? Minds Eye Video only brings you the best in design, technology and innovation. All the latest videos covering all things design. Electric Vehicles, Solar Powered Cars, E Bikes and Scooters, Home design, both Eco friendly and Sustainable. 

Design innovation is the process of innovating in a field that is traditionally considered design including, graphic design, product design and user experience design. The term is also applied to using design and design thinking to innovative in areas for instance engineering, software development and business operations.


Innovation is what drives the world forward. It is what heals illnesses, protects individuals from danger, and makes life easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. However, innovation does not just happen. It takes a catalyst, and among the absolute most robust catalysts for innovation is design. It moves an idea smoothly along its journey from a simple insight to a tangible, marketableservice or product. Design provides the focus and structure that innovation so badly needs.

Minds Eye Design is about home design, vehicle design and all things design related.